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What Marketing Opportunties Does The Everything CRE™ Network Offer Providers?

The Everything CRE™ Network offers both free and paid marketing opportunities - from content on your website, guest writing in Everything CRE™ Network Articles,  mentions on our related websites and LinkedIn posts, widgets to highlight your reviews on your website linked to your profile, and more.


Currently offiering 7 Key Marketing Opportunities, beyond your primary Profile on the Everything CRE™ Network, to Build Thought Leadership and Your Brand Recognition in Your Market(s)


Show your company's leadership in the industry by taking advantage of additional marketing opportunities, beyond your profile, through the Everything CRE™ Network:

1. Receive exclusive content for your website that highlights your company's ranking, client reviews, and industry expertise or present original industry data in your category;

2. For CRE Services Contractors; Post your Approved CRE company badge on your website, (optional vehicle badges available) and highlight your Commercial Approved status to visitors and; potentially your ranking on the Everything CRE™ Network Verified Reviews;

3. Add our Verified Reviews widget to your website to feature your Everything CRE™ Network Verified Reviews;

4. Highlight third-party reviews from Everything CRE™ Network in your ads using the AdWords review extension;

5. Additionaly, connect your Profile on the Everything CRE Network and become a Featured Sustaianble CRE Alliance Sponsor and/or Resource and offer your services direct to a wider community of businesses and CRE Community members that have made Sustainablity and Workplace Wellness a priority. The Sustainable CRE™ Alliance website will be available October 1, 2021, operated as a PBC, and will be supported by an international Advisory Board with Sustainability and Workplace Wellness expertise;

6. Gain additional exposure and serve as an Expert Source who comments on new tech, and survey data, industry trends for our own created content in articles by reaching out to our editorial team today;

7. List job openings on our own Everything CRE™ Network job board to be launched Q4 2021 to recruit skilled team members.

To start; register for one of our Service Provider Sponsorship options on our Pricing and Sign Up page, and select from one of;

A) Free City Basic Listing Plan;

B) City Premium Plan;

C) State/Province Premium Plan or our;

D) National Premium Plan.

You may also receive personalized recommendations by scheduling a call with our client care team by initialy emailing our sales team.

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