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Pro-Part Modular | Offices, Modular Structures and Prefab Buildings

Pro-Part Modular | Offices, Modular Structures and Prefab Buildings

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Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
CRE Solutions for COVID-19 Provider
CRE Solutions for COVID-19 Provider
1129 Northside Road, Burlington, Ontario L7M 1H5, Canada

Pro-Part Modular | Offices, Modular Structures and Prefab Buildings

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
CRE Solutions for COVID-19 Provider
CRE Solutions for COVID-19 Provider
1129 Northside Road, Burlington, Ontario L7M 1H5, Canada


At Pro-Part Modular we specialize in the design, manufacturing and installation of office partitions/ interiors, industrial in plant solutions, controlled environments and pre-fabricated buildings.

Pro-Part Modular Solutions for COVID-19:

Pro-Part Modular is a modular structures construction company that provides modular and prefabricated buildings.

Pro-Part Modular manufactures in plant offices, mezzanine structures, storage buildings, school portables, classrooms, communication shelters, guardhouses, kiosks, mobile office trailers, smoking shelters, and so much more.

Custom applications are our specialty! Celebrating More Than 35 Years In The Modular Industry Our Solutions Include: In Plant Offices System 40 In Plant OfficesOur patented System 40™ modular In Plant Offices provide fast and economical solutions to interior space and partitioning needs for both plant and office environments.

Office Partitions System 40 Office PartitionsOur patented System 40™ modular Office Partitions designs provide fast and economical solutions to interior space and partitioning needs for both plant and office environments. Prefabricated Structures Prefabricated structures give you sound control, temperature control and noise reduction – fast! In most cases, your office can be operational the same day. Mezzanines System 40Our patented flexible System 40 mezzanine offices convert wasted air space into valuable storage or office space.

4 Reasons to choose Provincial Partitions’ Mezzanines Professional Engineers on Staff to custom design your mezzanine or storage platform to meet your specs and all applicable codes CWB Certified Welders In-House Painting On Staff installation crews E Rooms System 40Provincial Partitions provides the Ultimate in modular E-Room powder application rooms and we have led the industry in the innovation and development of powder application room technology.

Provincial Partitions is the only provider that supplies and installs rooms and environmental systems specifically designed to meet the requirements of powder application.

Clean Rooms System 40Provincial Partitions provides the ultimate modular cleanroom solution by utilizing our patented System 40. As a specialist in providing modular cleanroom structures, Provincial Partitions is easily able to meet ISO Class 7, which requires that all joints and edges of materials be positively sealed.

Our non-shredding battenless walls and ceilings have a single vertical joint line. As a result, our structures are absolutely airtight.

Guard Houses and Kiosks Functional and space efficient guardhouses and kiosks give years of economical trouble free operation.

Kiosks include windows, full electrical package, hinged or sliding door and exterior grade roof. Work counters, HVAC, overhangs or canopies are available options.

Provincial Partitions’ booths arrive completely finished and can usually be operational the same day. Storage Buildings Recognizing the need for the proper handling and storing of chemical and flammable materials is critical. With the increased scrutiny of compliance to the fire code, Hazardous Materials Storage Buildings are becoming an essential part of any industrial or commercial facility.

Custom Structures System 40Provincial Partitions welcomes the opportunity to solve your unique modular space requirements. Our attention to your project is reflected in our total commitment to your needs and a guarantee to not only meet but exceed your expectations. With custom applications we do the work that others can’t.

Enclosures Provincial Partitions steel prefabricated enclosures are prefinished structures built to the most exacting demands of our customer requirements. Most include full electrical packages, ceiling systems, spray foam insulation, doors, flooring, interior wall finish and roof covering. They have been used to house everything from oversized robotics to sophisticated communications equipment to complex chemical processing apparatus. They have been configured to provide a soundproof testing room in a noisy manufacturing environment and have been customized to provide explosion proof structures.

For a complete list of our products and services please contact us and visit our website. In Keeping with Today's Expectations:

We Have Also Gone Green! Going Green greenProvincial Partitions is Going “GREEN” At Provincial Partitions we have always been committed to incorporate only the very best materials that are available into our modular product offering.

With an equal emphasis on corporate environmental responsibility, we now make a similar commitment to ensuring that we only use products that are environmentally friendly. 

Provincial Partitions is “Going Green” by incorporating green building products and materials into our temporary and permanent office and classroom space products. In fact, in an effort to improve our manufacturing capabilities here at Provincial Partitions we purchased and installed a completely automated vinyl board laminating production line from BPB Canada Inc.

Our decision to go with BPB Canada Inc. was largely influenced by their initiative to insure that all their gypsum product line is LEED certified. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. A LEED accreditation is evidence of a commitment to providing the very best in environmental design.

We salute BPB Canada’s commitment and make a similar commitment to use only LEED accredited material in our entire vinyl board product offering. Provincial Partitions is also pleased to make available our new PROKIT® line of Steel framing products for floor, wall and roof sections. With growing environmental concerns and a dwindling forest cover, steel framing is making a positive impact on the future of our environment. Steel is 100% recyclable, making PROKIT™ a sustainable building method that uses environmentally responsible products. Provincial Partitions’ commitment to using steel is consistent with our corporate mandate to provide “green” building innovations for our entire customer base. According to the North American Insulation Manufactures Association, fiber glass insulation is the largest secondary market for recycled glass containers. The recycled glass used in fiber glass insulation saves more than 27 million cubic feet of landfill space every year. That’s 2.2 billion pounds of recycled post-consumer glass.

Additionally, we believe that modular construction is inherently green when compared to conventional construction methods. For instance, modular buildings can be disassembled and relocated for re-purposing, thereby reducing the demand for new raw materials. This also means that less energy is consumed in creating a new building.

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1129 Northside Road, Burlington, Ontario L7M 1H5, Canada
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