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Ambient Mechanical | HVAC Service and Building Automation Solutions

Ambient Mechanical | HVAC Service and Building Automation Solutions

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Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
191 Caldari Road, Unit #2, Concord, Ontario L4K 4A1, Canada

Ambient Mechanical | HVAC Service and Building Automation Solutions

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
191 Caldari Road, Unit #2, Concord, Ontario L4K 4A1, Canada


Your Single-Source HVAC Services Contractor in Toronto
At Ambient, we believe it should only take one HVAC contractor to fulfil all of your essential HVAC services. All of your commercial HVAC needs are one phone call away!

We offer a versatile range of HVAC service specialities that combine to create comprehensive, custom-fit solutions for your building to get the most out of its HVAC equipment. This includes everything from HVAC maintenance, HVAC repair, HVAC retrofit upgrades, HVAC controls, building automation systems, as well as boiler heating system and industrial water chiller maintenance and equipment. Regardless of the HVAC service you need, our turnkey solutions are all designed to decrease building operating costs and increase efficiency.

We also offer consultation services to direct you towards investing in green-friendly energy efficient equipment, including an initial commercial energy audit to help you towards energy rebates and government utility incentives.

Choose from one of our numerous services for commercial HVAC in Toronto.

HVAC Service & Maintenance
HVAC Retrofit & Design Upgrades
Controls & Automation
Water Chiller Service and Maintenance
Energy Management & Audits
Utility Incentive

We Serve the Following Sectors:
Commercial Office Buildings

HVAC Maintenance and Service:
Avoid Problems Before They Arise with Preventative HVAC Maintenance Services
Energy-efficient ventilation, heating, and air conditioning equipment requires proactivity to maintain their efficiency and longevity.

Regularly scheduled, preventative HVAC maintenance can lower energy usage in a building by 15-20%. With HVAC systems accounting for 40-70% of a commercial building's energy usage, for example, optimizing and overseeing commercial HVAC systems is essential to a building owner's bottom line.

The quality of HVAC service you choose will determine how long your building and its systems deteriorates. Professional HVAC services and timely HVAC repair when necessary eliminates unplanned building HVAC equipment replacements.

Ambient's commercial HVAC maintenance:

Lowers operating costs
Optimizes temperatures and humidity for both comfort and efficiency
Prevents equipment downtime
Limits emergency repairs
Improves tenant retention
In addition to our HVAC preventative maintenance, we specialize in predictive maintenance programs, which utilizes technology, analytic software, and state-of- the-art diagnostic testing to extend HVAC equipment life expectancy.

Keep your facility performing at its peak with Ambient Mechanical's HVAC maintenance and service. Get in touch with our team to discuss an HVAC prevenative maintenance contract, or for more information about our other HVAC services.

Commercial Energy Audit & Management Services:
Save on Energy and Increase your Annual Projected Earnings
A commercial energy audit from Ambient's HVAC service techs gauges your building's energy usage through a component-by-component examination of your HVAC equipment and HVAC systems. Through our energy audits, we pinpoint your facility's HVAC energy needs and potential areas of concern.

A regularly scheduled energy audit is central to a building's best HVAC maintenance practices, providing the data needed to improve HVAC systems performance, lower energy costs, and increase efficiency. Commercial HVAC systems that aren't properly commissioned or maintained can waste as much as 30% of their energy usage.

A commercial building energy audit can provide the data on your facility's entire HVAC system consumption, where energy use is highest and lowest, a building's benchmarks, and whether or not your operations pose a health risk. With this information, we'll recommend HVAC design upgrades and retrofits if necessary, to achieve peak performance in your energy management systems.

We can also evaluate your building automation system, where we identify and implement operational upgrades, and energy efficient practices. Our skilled HVAC service technicians re-calibrate sensors and actuators, regulate HVAC maintenance scheduling, and retune temperature or pressure set points for optimal building energy management.

Stay on top of your building's energy usage and contact us for a commercial energy audit, or for more information about HVAC energy management solutions!

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191 Caldari Road, Unit #2, Concord, Ontario L4K 4A1, Canada
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