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Switch Automation | Turning Building Data into Business Value

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
1536 Wynkoop St, Suite 220, Denver, Colorado 80202, United States


The Switch Platform integrates building data, systems and equipment to give actionable insights into site and portfolio performance. Equip your team with a digital facilities management strategy that helps them make effective, timely decisions.

More than twenty years ago, two software engineers in northern Australia developed their own freight tracking software. Deb Noller and John Darlington loved creating technology that helped monitor, manage and optimize outdated shipping processes, and saw an even bigger opportunity to improve efficiencies in real estate.

They recognized three key opportunities presented by traditional facilities management: Building operators are forced to rely on fragmented, outdated mechanical systems and siloed data sets 40% of building occupants are dissatisfied with the temperature and air quality in their buildings

The building sector is responsible for 40% of global energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions These issues drove them to build a platform that fundamentally changes the way people experience and operate buildings.

Switch Automation is a global real estate software company that helps property owners and facility managers reduce operating costs, improve energy efficiency and deliver exceptional occupant satisfaction.

Our comprehensive smart building platform integrates with traditional building systems as well as Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to analyze, automate and control assets in real-time. We serve enterprise customers and partners in a variety of industries including financial services, retail, grocery, commercial real estate and more.

Why leading companies choose Switch

The Switch Platform Configurable No two enterprises, teams or buildings are identical. You can tailor the Switch Platform’s views, tools and access levels to meet your unique needs any time.


The Platform is hardware and data-agnostic, so it can integrate with your buildings’ current and future systems. Our tools are optimized for quick deployment and can be easily configured to fit a wide range of scenarios and enterprise goals. Complete We’re the only solution that equips enterprises for digital facilities management via a single, intuitive Platform. Pairing data aggregation, advanced building analytics and machine learning with fault detection and remote control capabilities, we give you the full suite of tools you need to take building performance to the next level. opportunities. Supported Our end-to-end support model is designed to quickly and effectively deliver results for your enterprise.

In addition to Platform support, we provide onboarding, training, best-in-class managed services and even custom development to ensure your program is set up for success.


The Switch Platform enhances collaboration among people and across teams. Create real-time data visualizations, comment on optimization opportunities and share your work directly through the Platform’s easy-to-use interface.


We partner with Intel, Dell and Microsoft to ensure that your information is protected from cybersecurity threats every step of the way. Deployed through secure IoT Gateways and hosted on Microsoft Azure, the Switch Platform has passed penetration tests for top technology and financial institutions.Industries Our market-proven solutions were created to serve distinct industry needs.


Commercial Real Estate

Launch a results-driven intelligent building program to deliver an exceptional tenant experience. There’s a wealth of data in commercial buildings, and most of it is siloed and underutilized. In an industry driven by tenant preferences, Commercial Real Estate (CRE) companies are searching for new ways to build brand equity and boost net operating income (NOI).

Switch’s smart building platform harnesses building data, systems and equipment, and applies advanced fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) to create a scalable retrocommissioning (RCx) program. This CRE tech approach drives positive business outcomes, helping CRE leaders reduce costs, mitigate risk and attract and retain high-quality occupants.


Create a future-proof portfolio of smart stores and generate savings through predictive maintenance.The retail industry is undergoing a massive shakeup. With the rise of e-commerce and omni-channel shopping, retailers must find new ways to cut costs and drive value through their brick-and-mortar stores. The retail industry is undergoing a massive shakeup. We use Internet of Things (IoT) integration and analytics to help retail companies create connected, smart stores that improve retail performance, streamline vendor management and identify cost and time saving opportunities. Grocery Improve profit margins with streamlined systems integration and real-time remote control. With thin margins, the growth of e-commerce and shifting consumer trends, brick-and-mortar grocery companies must find innovative new ways to cut operating costs and boost sales. A grocery store spends about $4 per square foot on energy, or up to 15% of overall operating costs – so energy efficiency measures are a key piece of the puzzle. But typical energy management systems (EMS) and siloed smart devices can only get you so far.

We integrate your refrigeration, lighting and HVAC systems, IoT sensors and other key data sources into a single, intuitive Platform. With advanced fault detection, prioritized alerts and machine learning, the Platform helps you optimize store operations and control costs.

Industry Sectors Served

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Educational
  • Healthcare
  • Institutional

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1536 Wynkoop St, Suite 220, Denver, Colorado 80202, United States
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