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Stem Canada | Energy Intelligence | AI Energy Storage and Back-Up Solutions

Stem Canada | Energy Intelligence | AI Energy Storage and Back-Up Solutions

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Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
111 Queen St. E., Toronto, Ontario M5C 1S1, Canada
Stem Canada | Energy Intelligence | AI Energy Storage and Back-Up Solutions
Stem Canada | Energy Intelligence | AI Energy Storage and Back-Up Solutions
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Stem Canada | Energy Intelligence | AI Energy Storage and Back-Up Solutions

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
111 Queen St. E., Toronto, Ontario M5C 1S1, Canada


Stem pairs artificial intelligence with energy storage to help organizations automate energy cost savings and protect against changing rates.Discover automated savings and energy flexibility. Athena™ works 24/7 to shift energy use.

Welcome to Stem Vision Stem creates innovative technology services that transform the way energy is distributed and consumed. Mission Stem’s mission is to build and operate the largest digitally connected energy storage network for our customers. Our world class analytics will optimize the value of customer’s energy assets and facilitate their participation in energy markets, yielding economic and societal benefits while decarbonizing the grid.

Values Integrity > in everything we do

One Team > success through collaboration Innovation > deliver the most compelling solutions

Customer Centricity > enable customer value

Execution > exceed commitments

Enabling the enterprise smart grid Using data, analytics, and advanced energy storage, Stem technology enables businesses to meet their sustainability goals and participate in the next great revolution in energy technology. Putting storage at the edge of the grid is a fundamental shift in the way energy is delivered and consumed. When aggregated, Stem systems have the following sustainability benefits:

Enable distributed energy Adding storage at customer sites enables the move to a decentralized grid and makes businesses more self-sufficient in meeting their energy needs. Reduce peaker plants Reducing spikes in electricity relieves the strain on the grid during peak times – and allows us to build fewer peak power plants. Increase renewable energy Smoothing the volatile output of solar systems enables the transition to far more widespread adoption of renewable energy.

Storage allows us to put more solar on the grid – and it helps during moments of peak demand. That means a cleaner mix of energy and fewer peak power plants. 60% of a typical utility bill is connected to the timing of energy use. No matter how efficient your building, you’re still exposed to expensive time-based costs like demand charges and time-of-use rates. Optimizing the timing of energy use requires going beyond human intelligence. You can’t monitor energy consumption and current prices all day long, or act quickly enough to reduce costs when prices suddenly spike. You need a way to automate this process. Overview Athena removes the complexities of managing time-based costs. She gives you the flexibility to buy energy at the most cost-effective times. Even with the ability to store energy, there are still thousands of calculations, forecasting simulations, and split-second decisions required to produce meaningful results. People alone can’t manage all of this, but artificial intelligence can. Our customers save between 10 to 25 percent off electricity bills without lifting a finger.

Industry-leading storage hardware Stem uses UL-certified energy storage systems from the highest quality Tier 1 suppliers such as Tesla, Panasonic, and LG Chem. They have been thoroughly vetted and tested for safety and performance by independent third parties. Stem’s systems are available in multiple sizing configurations, indoor or outdoor, to match customers’ individual energy needs and building footprint. Customer-friendly subscription model Start saving immediately and let us do everything else.

With Stem’s energy services agreement, customers receive guaranteed savings without having to pay anything upfront. Stem handles the installation, operation, remote monitoring and maintenance. There is no disruption to operations and no staff time required. Customers subscribe to Stem’s turnkey service with a flat recurring payment that is easy to budget for and never goes up.

Customers save multiple times what they pay. They keep all the upside and enjoy effortless savings that increase over time. Working with Stem Activating Stem is simple. The sales and implementation process combined typically takes 6 months.

Step 1: Contact us Simply provide access to your utility load data to get started with a site evaluation.

Step 2: Get estimate Receive a highly accurate savings estimate backed by thousands of facility analyses and real-world experience.

Step 3: Install Sign up for Stem’s energy storage service and our experts will handle every aspect of the installation.

Step 4: Save Enjoy positive net savings beginning year one and watch the value grow each year.

Work on your solar + storage project with the world leader in AI-powered energy storage. Solar providers Add AI-powered energy storage to solar projects to enhance project economics, future proof against changing rates, and expand sales opportunities.

Businesses and institutions Get the most out of solar investments by adding energy storage. Increase project economics by 5 to 20 percent on average. Win more deals with solar + storage Maximize project value and returns Reduce impact of rate changes Expand sales opportunities Adding storage to solar projects allows you to deliver a comprehensive energy management solution that addresses both energy and demand charges. Increase project value and maximize revenue by offering a broader range of services to your customers. This may include adding storage to a proposed PV project, offering standalone energy storage to sites where solar does not make sense or offering energy storage to your customers’ sites that have existing PV. As new incentives and value streams emerge, it becomes increasingly complex to maximize returns while ensuring program compliance.

So complex, in fact, that realizing the full value of solar + storage is only possible with artificial intelligence. AI-powered controls enable energy storage to deliver a range of new value streams for solar projects – from reducing demand charges, to future proofing against changing rates, to capturing more value from the Investment Tax Credit. Storage also opens up new opportunities for customers to earn revenue through demand response, wholesale markets, and other utility programs. Largest Storage Network Stem’s network of 900+ storage systems creates virtual power plants that allow customers to access new market opportunities. Stem has dispatched its network more than 1,000 times to generate grid revenue for customers. Unparalleled Experience With over 900 projects – more than all other providers combined – and 300 unique customers across diverse industries, Stem has developed deep expertise in commercial energy storage. Since 2012, Stem has captured data from projects on a one-second basis and storing terabytes to Stem’s cloud to feed Athena’s machine-learning algorithms.

Energy Superintelligence Battery hardware alone adds little value—unlocking the value of energy storage requires Artificial Intelligence (AI). Stem’s Athena, the first AI for energy storage, delivers more savings, higher project value, and rock-solid protection against changing rates. Streamlined Support Stem is committed to helping our partners succeed with storage. We have made significant investments to build the most capable platform for deploying storage in the industry, and we share these capabilities with you through the Stem Partner Network. We offer a range of support services to fit your unique needs and priorities, and we do not compete with solar partners in the marketplace. Learn more about existing market opportunities or request support for evaluating opportunities in new markets.

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Service Area: Canada, the United States and through Global Partners


Stem Ai-Powered Energy Storage


111 Queen St. E., Toronto, Ontario M5C 1S1, Canada
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