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Buildings with centralized heating and ventilation systems draw fresh air through HVAC units.

In winter, these units consume tremendous amounts of energy to heat the cold incoming air to comfortable indoor temperatures. With a SolarWall system, incoming fresh air is solar heated before it reaches the fresh air side of the HVAC or the HRV/ERV unit, minimizing building fuel consumption throughout the heating season.

When the sun’s radiation heats the surface of the SolarWall facade, fresh, solar-heated air accumulates on the surface of the collector. The existing HVAC units draw this solar-heated air through thousands of tiny perforations in the SolarWall panels.
This solar-heated air gathers in the air cavity behind the SolarWall panels, and travels to the existing HVAC unit’s fresh air intake via mechanical ducting. In the summer, when solar-heated air is not desired, the SolarWall system is bypassed and the HVAC system will draw direct from ambient.

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200 Wildcat Rd., Toronto, Ontario M3J2N5, Canada
Conserval is the global market leader in the renewable energy sector we created; Solar Air Heating. Conserval has designed and manufactured thousands of SolarWall® air heating systems worldwide for commercial and industrial buildings.
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