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Signature Electric | Electrical Contracting and Complete EV and Solar Solutions

Signature Electric | Electrical Contracting and Complete EV and Solar Solutions

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Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
400 Esna Park Dr., Unit 1, Markham, Ontario L3R 3K2, Canada
Signature Electric | Electrical Contracting and Complete EV and Solar Solutions
Signature Electric | Electrical Contracting and Complete EV and Solar Solutions
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Signature Electric | Electrical Contracting and Complete EV and Solar Solutions

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
400 Esna Park Dr., Unit 1, Markham, Ontario L3R 3K2, Canada


Our vision is to set the standard of excellence for the electrical contracting industry. We are constantly striving to improve upon our processes and performances so as to deliver unsurpassed value and satisfaction to our customers.

The Company
Our History

30 years ago, we used typewriters to create invoices, copies were made using carbon paper, we didn’t have fax machines at the time. Customers left messages with our answering service, and messages were pushed to pagers. Nobody at the time was concerned about saving energy. While times have changed, some things remain the same. Our dedication to our clients. Our passion to solve complex challenges.

Where We’re Going

Technology has and will continue to change at unprecedented speeds, affecting our clients’ businesses as well as the value we bring. From occupancy sensors and electric vehicle chargers, to the installation of solar panels and Tesla Power Walls, our clients trust us to stay on top of technology trends and opportunities.

Get to Know Mark

"I started in the trade back in 1973 and established Signature Electric in 1985. Having always enjoyed tinkering and working with my hands, the electrical trade seemed like a natural choice for me. Working as an electrician you get a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of each day.

My favourite part of being in business is my contact with people. Each day I get to connect with wonderful and interesting, customers, vendors and our staff. In addition to dealing with the business at hand I am often able to get a glimpse in to their lives and share a bit of my life with them as well. I never tire of this.

As many of my customers are aware I do enjoy travel and I’ve seen a variety of fascinating places. From the rivers of Germany and France, to sailing the Aegean Sea in Greece to travelling within 500 miles of the North Pole, I am truly enjoying my life. Being able to share this with my wife, kids, family and friends is what really makes this special.

I’m always anxious to share the most recent bit of fun and excitement that’s happening in my life. The next time we are chatting feel free to poke me with a question or two and let’s see if we can share a bit of each other’s lives."

Mark Marmer - Founder and Owner, Signature Electric

EV Chargers for Condos
Signature Electric has been serving the condominium market for over two decades. We’ve been installing EV chargers in single-family homes and condominiums since 2012.

Our team understands the challenge faced by condominium residents that want to purchase electric vehicles. We are a Tesla recommended installer and an ACMO (Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario) associate member.

A few of our solutions include:
On-site consultation to determine exactly what your needs are
Meet with your property manager and answer any questions to help smooth the way towards a successful install
Visit your building, meet with the manager and provide a solution that meets both yours and the needs of the building
Provide you with a detailed quotation that you can share with your property manager and, if necessary the board of directors
Work with your property manager to complete the installation in a timely manner
Save yourself a ton of research and time. Let us help to pave the way for a successful EV installation.

Solar Installation
Call us for a free remote analysis of your roof to see if it’s the right fit and orientation for solar panels. Our team will help guide you on the best way to use your new solar power, such as microFIT, Net metering, and even battery storage.

What about solar installation?

We offer a single turnkey solution to your solar project, from conception to completion.
Why install solar power?
Solar power generate added income
Systems will pay for itself over time
Solar is a green source of power that can help to promote a clean environment
Solar power can be stored at site for use when the sun’s not shining
Solar panels can help protect your roof from harsh weather, lengthening its life.
Solar power does not necessarily have to be transported by transmission lines. You generate and use power in the same place
Ready for a greater greener future?

Give us a call and we’ll guide you into the future.

General Electrical Services
24-hour Emergency Service
Electrical emergencies are not predictable, but Signature Electric is. We will be there to help you get back in business – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One call to our direct number connects you to our fleet of vehicles and skilled, licensed electricians anytime

Machinery Installation and Repairs
Moving to a new location? To avoid disruptions, let Signature Electric help you find the fastest, most cost-effective way to plan the move. For example, completing preliminary wiring at a new location often minimizes down-time.

Purchasing a new piece of equipment? Let’s check first to make sure your plant has the proper voltage, amperage, and wiring available. If not, we can run all wiring in advance, so you can put the new equipment to use as soon as you get it.

Reorganizing the shop floor? Our assistance in planning the move can save you money and time.

Broken Machine? With 24 Hour Service and five service trucks in the GTA, we respond immediately to emergency calls.

Lighting Installation and Repairs
Making changes in your plant or office may mean also changing your lighting system. From repairing one fixture to upgrading or replacing your entire system, Signature Electric can give you prompt, customized service and solutions that prioritize energy efficiency and savings.

Power and Distribution
Plant expansion and equipment acquisitions often require additional power. This may require upgrading your existing incoming service or simply adding a sub-service. Signature Electric can access your requirements and advise you what the most cost-effective solution might be, always bearing in mind the need for future expansion.

Plant Relocation and Expansion
Businesses change. At Signature Electric, plant relocation and expansion are our specialties.

Finding the right solution is a challenge because it must allow for flexibility to meet tomorrow’s demands. Let us help you minimize your downtime and production disruption safely and dependably.

Power Quality Services
Harmonics Fluorescent lighting, computers, and other equipment can create a phenomenon known as harmonic distortion. Simply put, some types of equipment operate at different frequencies and can induce electrical current into an electrical system that creates electrical malfunctions for other types of equipment. Transformers, electrical panels, electrical motors, and some sensitive electrical equipment can be damaged from harmonic distortion. Signature Electric can identify and eliminate harmonic issues within your building or business. By measuring the harmonics in your building, Signature Electric can balance your electrical system to prevent failures and allow equipment to run more efficiently and extend its useful life of the operation.

Power Factor Correction Having a bad power factor means that the distribution system is drawing more current than what is required to accomplish the real work and that the load losses of the distribution system are greater. Moreover, all utilities penalize customers with low power factors.

Chain Store and Franchise Services
The retail environment has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Since 90% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, many retail stores have begun providing themed environments and a theatrical experience to excite customers and entice them to purchase their products.

Lighting should be considered a sales tool in retail environments. It can be used to entice customers into the store, lead them through merchandise areas, call attention to specific merchandise, and draw customers through the transaction process-all the while conveying specific moods or enhancing merchandising themes. Effective use of light can dramatically enhance the performance of most retail environments.

In many cases, maintenance of this designed lighting system is left to the store employees. These employees are often unaware of the subtle differences in color, wattage or beam spread, between various lamps. After a period of time, the original design is no longer maintained.

Signature Electric can assist you to institute a scheduled maintenance program. This program will deploy a technician to service the lighting system on a regularly scheduled basis (monthly or quarterly). All failed lamps are replaced, failed fixtures repaired and other components of the lighting system serviced. This can include interior, exterior, signs, emergency lights, etc.

Food Processing Industry Services
A food production facility is a unique type of environment for an electrical contractor. In addition to the concern for electrical safety, the company must consider the special needs of this type of facility.

One of the greatest concerns in any food production facility is the risk of contamination and the need to adhere to the best food safety practices. Signature Electric understands this concern. To ensure our electricians have the information and training they need we have joined the National Seafood Sector Council (NSSC), http://www.nssc.ca/eng_home.cfm and the Food Processing Human Resource Council.

Led by the National Food Advisory Committee, and Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC), the NSSC is working to develop a national body to address safety in the Food Processing sector. Signature Electric understands this concern and with the help of the NSSC, all our staff is trained in HACCP food safety practices. While other contractors may be able to follow your instructions with regard to, dress, hand and shoe washing, hair and beard nets, inventory of tools on the site, concerns for outside food in the production area etc., Signature Electric electricians have a clear understanding of the reasons for these requirements and have experience working in this type of environment.

In addition to the concern for food safety, a food production facility has other special needs. Care must be taken when installing or repairing equipment in certain areas that may be regularly washed down. All enclosures, pushbuttons, cables, connectors, and controls need to be watertight to provide for electrical safety and to minimize the need for ongoing maintenance.

Many areas in the plant may need to maintain a very high light level to meet government minimum standards. We can help to provide this type of lighting in the most cost-effective manner possible by using the latest in lighting technologies. We would be pleased to audit your present lighting system and offer some suggestions that may provide energy savings.

The next time you pick up the phone to request electrical service or are in need of a quotation for an upcoming project considers Signature Electric, your partner in food safety.

Predictive Maintenance Services

One of the most valuable and cost-effective services that we can provide to predict possible problems is an annual Thermographic Inspection.

The Benefits of Thermographic Inspections

Electrical infrared thermography is the most effective proven predictive maintenance (PM) technology available to quickly, accurately and safely locate problems prior to failure without any interruption to power. Finding and fixing a poor electrical connection before a component fails can save you the much greater costs associated with manufacturing downtime, production losses, power outages, and catastrophic failures.

Once the inspection is complete a report is generated and sent to the customer.
Once the report is complete we will be in touch to review the repairs (if any) that might be required and to set up a schedule to complete these with a minimum of disruption to the customer.

Advantages of a Thermographic inspection
Avoid unplanned outages
Fast mode of troubleshooting and identification of problem areas
Accurate fault detection
Ability to plan a shutdown is needed
Reduce power outages
Reduced failure rates
Lower operational costs
No need to shut down equipment for inspection
Enhanced safety & loss prevention.

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Service Area: Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area


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400 Esna Park Dr., Unit 1, Markham, Ontario L3R 3K2, Canada
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