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2 Sage Way, Fairbault, Minnesota 55021, United States

SageGlass | Smart Glass for Better Buildings

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
2 Sage Way, Fairbault, Minnesota 55021, United States


SageGlass represents nothing less than a fundamental shift in the way we experience buildings—the ultimate connector between our built and natural environments. Come discover the benefits of tintable electrochromic smart glass.

With over 500 patents and manufactured in the world’s most advanced electrochromic plant, SageGlass makes one product: the world’s most intelligent, reliable electrochromic glass that is as dynamic as the people it benefits.

We soon became the first to develop electrochromic technology and spent the years that followed innovating and building upon our revolutionary product. In 2010, we announced our triple-pane glazing product, the world’s most energy-efficient window glass, and this led us to an important partnership. Saint-Gobain, the Paris-based world leader in building materials for 350 years, invested $80 million in our company. By 2012 Saint-Gobain had acquired 100% of SageGlass, making it a wholly owned subsidiary and a key part of its innovation strategy.


Today, we’re proud to own and operate the largest and most advanced electrochromic glass plant on the globe. Since the first construction project using SageGlass, we have installed electrochromic glass in hundreds of projects and iconic buildings worldwide. Every day, our perseverance pays off in small ways that give the world more beautiful, energy-efficient, occupant-centric buildings. We invite you to become part of our story. Applications for Office Buildings, Healthcare, Retail, Airports, Institutional Buildings, Hospitality, Cultural Buildings and Higher Education



Learn how SageGlass electrochromic technology and customizable features can create unique advantages for a range of different industries.


Daylight and views help students thrive in environments designed for connection and collaboration.

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Patients with views of nature and natural daylight experience improved recovery rates and well-being.

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Travelers enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere, which includes views of the outdoors and natural daylight.

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Smart glass improves productivity and well-being by providing daylight and views while enhancing comfort.

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Visitors experience greater comfort in environments free from unwanted heat and glare.

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Designing retail stores with more daylight and views to the outside has proven to significantly increase sales.

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By controlling sunlight and heat gain, smart glass creates a pleasant experience at hotels and restaurants.

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Industry Sectors Served

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Multi-Residential
  • Educational
  • Healthcare
  • Institutional

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2 Sage Way, Fairbault, Minnesota 55021, United States
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