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Praxedo provides better visibility of technicians’ schedules and the ability to modify schedules on the fly to better respond to service calls. Praxedo also maximizes technician workload capacity while improving the first time fix rate

Field service software for Facilities Management professionals

Infrastructure maintenance is a complex business. As a result, Facilities Management (FM) organizations are facing many challenges. They provide enterprises numerous essential services ranging from reception, mail management, catering, and equipment and building maintenance, to cleaning and landscaping services. These diverse services require effective cost-control, team coordination, failure handling and time management.

The same goes for rental and property management companies that are looking for better ways to manage their businesses: lease renewal management, units and buildings repair/renovation, HVAC systems maintenance and so on, all affecting tenant satisfaction.

Facility & Property Management: Optimizing maintenance and renovation by leveraging Field Service Software

The FM industry is constantly striving to respond to 3 major issues:

  • Maintaining profitability in a market known for its low margins
  • Subcontractor management at multiple sites where the end customers reside
  • Customer satisfaction management since enterprise customers are price sensitive while having higher and higher quality expectations

To achieve these goals in a highly competitive environment, it takes the right tools working seamlessly with existing business processes. That’s where the Praxedo field service management solution makes all the difference.

Praxedo empowers FM and property management professionals so they can support exacting customers more rapidly and more efficiently for all services: installation, preventive maintenance, emergency repairs or any other job type.

Praxedo provides better visibility of technicians’ schedules and the ability to modify schedules on the fly to better respond to service calls. Praxedo also maximizes technician workload capacity while improving the first time fix rate—all essential capabilities for FM businesses.

For Facilities Management Clients and Tenants

The Praxedo customer portal is a platform that enables customers to submit service requests and to monitor their status in the work order lifecycle. This feature greatly improves customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, using the SmartScheduler module, planners can create optimized routes for field technicians in just a few clicks. The Praxedo mobile application provides field technicians with all the necessary work order information, and paperless/electronic service reports, so they can maximize the first time fix rate. Reports are transmitted in real time as soon as the work is completed.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Optimized schedules using the SmartScheduler technology
  • Reduced operational and administrative costs
  • Increased productivity by maximizing the technician workload capacity
  • Improved first time fix rate
  • Better customer communication with real-time notifications by email or SMS
  • Faster billing

Field service management software for plumbing and HVAC companies

Plumbers and HVAC technicians are always on the road, traveling to and from commercial or residential work sites. Whether they are performing an installation, regular maintenance or an urgent repair, they need to communicate effectively with customers and their dispatcher. This communication—work order status, route location or contract term fulfillment—is essential for customer satisfaction, as well as for smooth-running operations.

The Praxedo field service management solution meets the needs of plumbing and HVAC businesses. Using its web interface, dispatchers can optimize technician schedules. At the same time, technicians can use the mobile app online or offline throughout their workday. For their part, managers can get a real-time consolidated view of the entire field service business anytime, anywhere. Praxedo also makes it easy to communicate with end customers using email or text notifications so the manager can focus on high-value customer relationships.

Field service management software for the construction and building industry

Equipment rental, regulatory inspections and certifications, large scale projects, lift and elevator maintenance are just some of theconstruction and building business areas. For its part, field service management is also diversified and deals primarily with processing large volumes of orders, equipment delivery and pickups, emergency repairs, maintenance operations, and traceability of service calls.

It’s easy to see why paperwork can no longer keep up with the pace of operations. Companies are seeking digital transformation of their business processes and are adopting paperless/electronic solutions to gain efficiencies. In particular, they need to monitor equipment location and operating status, optimize driver and technician routes, manage effective maintenance plans, as well as speed up billing.

Industry Sectors Served

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Multi-Residential
  • Educational
  • Healthcare
  • Institutional

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7236 Waverly Street, Suite 109, Montreal, Quebec H2R 0C2, Canada
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