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Partition Systems, since 1970, built its reputation on outstanding performance and quality, one Incredible Space at a time. Our systems can be configured to existing wall infrastructures or developed from the ground up.

Our systems can be configured to existing wall infrastructures or developed from the ground up. From our first modular wall to today’s plug-and-play innovations, we have helped our international design and corporate clients lead the evolution of their office environments.

We offer a diversified product selection that considers function as well as design aesthetic at competitive prices. We are proud to provide a quality product that exceeds market standards.

Our Mission Our mission is to provide each of our clients the right choices to help their organization succeed.

PSL Partition Systems Ltd. houses an exceptional engineering and design team dedicated to support our customer requirements. Along with experienced and professional sales and production teams, we can ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Partition Systems creates office environments and additions that stand the tests of time, traffic and style. A Successful Canadian Legacy We can help you achieve your goals through effective communication and product matching with a history of producing quality and proven systems. We thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal on our movable wall system.

PSL Partition Systems Ltd is a privately owned and operated company with 50 years of experience in wall system production. Our administrative headquarters and production facility are located in Edmonton, Alberta.

We have our own distribution centers in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver with dealers located in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, and Victoria.

Our team is dedicated to excellence in workmanship. With a project list that spans the globe, we are able to identify needs and match products with any given opportunity. Our project team has years of experience and service in providing movable walls.

Environmental Sustainability Environmentally responsible user groups have pushed the design demands of wall systems into a direction of corporate responsibility while maintaining function and value. We take pride in our efforts to not only be an environmentally responsible manufacturing facility but also continuing in our efforts to provide effective systems that offer environmentally sustainable options.

Flexible Systems Our Wall Systems are engineered with maximum flexibility in mind. We have taken our history of production success and product development, using tried and proven technology in order to create it.

All of our wall systems offer a fully custom, modular and movable solution with features that cater to the ever-changing demands placed on business today.

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  • Office
  • Retail
  • Educational
  • Healthcare
  • Institutional

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Service Area: Distribution centres in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton - dealers across Canada


Partition Systems


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