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Nerva Energy, a Canadian Consultant delivering verified real-world results through a suite of award-winning, proven technologies. We combine the intrinsic value of energy engineers with the practical knowledge of experienced mechanical technicians.


Nerva Energy delivers verified real-world results through a suite of award-winning, proven technologies.

Experts w/ IoT tech to ensure buildings function intuitively & efficiently, creating energy, earning opportunities & fostering a positive impact.

We’re on a mission!

Whether you’re a building owner or developer, our objective is simple – decrease operational costs, maximize efficiencies, and provide ongoing advice to help you achieve your energy goals.

Nerva Award-Winning Technologies

1 - Smarter Controls

Meet Canada’s #1 wireless building automation system, used by over 275,000+ buildings across North America

Why Our Clients Upgrade?

The high upfront costs for full building automation have been eliminated. The complex installations have all been simplified. The solutions are all proven to reduce HVAC costs up to 35%.

Higher Earnings

HVAC Costs Reduced up to 35%

Real-Time Controls

24/7 Building Optimization

Free Updates

Automatic Feature Upgrades For Life

Cloud Solution

Optimize From Anywhere


Installed in over 150,000+ Buildings

Speedy Installation

1 Week Avg. Installation

Industry Leading Defense Grade Security

‘Self-Healing’ Mesh Network

Predictive Indicators

Maintenance Alerts

Fast ROI

1-2yr. Simple Payback Period Avg.

Intuitive & Simple

Easy User Experience

Open API

Open & real-time interface

Demand Response ADR

Open 1.0 & 2.0 approved devices

Industry Leading

Advanced logic & machine learning algorithms

2 - Duct Seal

Solving a $2.9B problem, one duct at a time. Duct leakage is one of the leading causes of energy loss.

Eliminate Leakage. Increase Airflow. Reduce Energy.


A recent ASHRAE report shows 75% of buildings have leaky ductwork, helping make HVAC the biggest source of energy waste.

Learn More and Stop Wasting Energy through your Ducts!

Active Air Purification Soluitons

Learn more about our Nerva Clean Air - Air Purifucation Solutions

Industry Sectors Served

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Multi-Residential
  • Educational
  • Healthcare
  • Institutional

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