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4985 Eisenhauser Road, suite 104, San Antonio, Texas 78218, United States

MergeWorks | Makers of Flexible Office Workspace Solutions

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Environmental Sustainability Leader
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CRE Solutions for COVID-19 Provider
4985 Eisenhauser Road, suite 104, San Antonio, Texas 78218, United States


At MergeWorks, we combine engineering and innovative design to transform offices into functional, beautiful workspaces that promote collaboration while providing the visual and sound privacy workers need to stay focused and productive.


Flexible and Versatile Solutions

Our products include desk dividers, room dividers, acoustic wall panels, dry erase boards, sit stand desks and benching systems. Every order is customized to meet our customers’ needs, and all products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in San Antonio, Texas.

Our flexible and versatile solutions are designed to Merge with any work surface or workstation to bring your office concept to light. Choose from a wide palette of rich colors and a variety of materials to uniquely define your personal and collaborative workspace. MergeWorks will work with you to create a customized solution featuring shared spaces and individual workstations to foster creativity, collaboration and productivity.

Our History

Inspired by a passion for beautiful and functional workspaces, CEO Scott Klingler and his father Foster Klingler founded MergeWorks in 2003. With extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing, Scott designs and engineers all MergeWorks products. Dedicated to the craft of office furniture design, Scott and his team enjoy creating new products and strive to continuously refine and improve MergeWorks’ products and manufacturing techniques.

Our Values

Who We AreOur venture has grown and evolved over the past 17 years, but we’ve never lost the personal touch and integrity that comes from being a family-owned business. We love creating custom office solutions that are as unique as the customers we serve. For our employees, we strive to be a rewarding place to work where everyone shares a sense of ownership in our success. We believe in protecting our planet and are dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing and business processes that preserve the Earth’s resources.

MergeWorks products are sold only through authorized Dealers. If you are not a Dealer, please use our Find a Rep map to locate a representative in your area.


Need Privacy In Your Space?

Striking the right balance between privacy and collaboration is crucial in any workplace, now more so than ever. For many workers, the noise, distractions and lack of privacy in an open office can be detrimental to performance and job satisfaction.  MergeWorks’ flexible and functional furniture solutions give workers back their privacy while still promoting 

Why Do You Need Privacy?

Pinpointing Privacy Issues

Improving visual and sound privacy without sacrificing collaboration is a delicate balance. No one wants to be closed off from their co-workers, but no one wants to feel like people are peering over their shoulders either.

The first step is to determine the type and level of privacy that’s needed.  Do you need workstation privacy above the desk or above and below the desk? Our Enclave panels are mounted above the desk, and can merge with most existing furniture. For maximum above the desk privacy, check out our 30” high Terrace panels. Or look at our Uptown and Midtown desk dividers for an all-in-one, above and below the desk privacy panel.  For visual and sound privacy, all of our dividers can be made from our acoustic EchoScape material. With an NRC rating of up to 0.9, EchoScape desk dividers can absorb up to 90% of ambient sound.

Do you need separate private workspaces, and are they permanent or flexible? Take a look at our Modular Panels, our single or dual material core panels can be mounted with feet or wheels for a flexible and adaptable workspace.

Do your collaboration areas need to be contained as to not bother the rest of the office? Why not create collaboration area with walls of Whiteboard-privacy and writing surfaces together—see our Modular Panels and Dry Erase boards. Or check out our Urban Wall room dividers. With 2-6-core materials per panel, you can create collaboration areas that match your brand or office décor.

Need a Display Solution In Your Space?

Understanding Display Needs

Effective meeting and collaboration areas are critical for presenting new ideas, facilitate creative brainstorming, and keeping workers engaged.  Do each of your meeting and learning areas have the right equipment and furnishings to allow for productive and engaging meetings?

Can your Dry Erase Boards be moved anywhere an impromptu huddle or brain storming session pops us? MergeWorks’ Dry Erase Boards are designed to help you work more efficiently. With 3 dry ease materials to choose from and several styles, our Dry Erase Boards are easy to use and can be mobile to keep ideas flowing wherever they come up.

What Are Your Display Solution Options? 

Accommodating a Range of Display Needs

The first step in designing your Dry Erase Board is to choose the writing surface that best fits your work style and usage.  MergeWorks offers three writing surface options.

TruBrite™ Whiteboard – This custom HPL whiteboard is finished with a TruBrite™ sealant overlay to create a durable and lasting whiteboard.  Economical TruBrite™ writing surface is easy to clean and doesn’t stain or ghost.

Glass Board – Our clear and white glass boards are made with ¼” tempered safety glass that is four-times stronger than regular glass.  This durable writing surface is made for heavy usage and never dents, stains or streaks.

Magnetic Porcelain Steel – This multifunctional dry erase and magnetic writing surface is our most durable whiteboard surface.  Durable enough for lifetime of use, this writing surface has a porcelain enamel surface that is fired onto steel making it magnetic, highly scratch resistant and easy to maintain.

Need a Mobile Solution In Your Space?

Understanding the Need for Mobility

Whether you are just starting out or growing your business, your work environment needs to be flexible, mobile and adaptable to fully support change.  Modern workspaces need furniture that can provide both private and collaborative areas on demand.  MergeWorks offers commercial furniture that can instantly and easily be repurposed, moved or changed to fit your ever-changing space.

How Does a Mobile Solution Work?

Solving the Need for Mobility

MergeWorks’ furniture allows the user freedom to control their environment.

One of our many solutions includes ergonomic height adjustable workstations or training tableswith SwitchIT™ desk panels to provide visual and sound privacy that can instantly be turned to convert the desk into a open collaborative space.

Our Room Dividers and Modular panels on wheels offer instant room re-purposing, creating instant collaboration spaces or quiet and private areas, giving one room endless workspace possibilities.

Our flexible, modern and mobile furniture, available in a wide array of colors and finishes, is easily configured to fit your work style.

Need Sound Privacy In Your Space?

Understanding Acoustic Distractions

Coping with a noisy environment is extremely frustrating. People talking on the phone, coworkers on social media, office equipment humming, telephones ringing and outdoor traffic echoing throughout your space are just some of the factors that contribute to poor office acoustics.

It’s been proven that loud work spaces can result in lost productivity. In fact, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), noise is the main contributor of workplace stress. Let us help you reduce noise and distractions with our acoustic solutions.

How Does Controlling Acoustics Work to Solve Noise Issues in Your Workspace?

All these distracting sounds can be minimized by introducing sound absorbing panels and furniture in your workspace. MergeWorks’ NRC rated .9 acoustic EchoScape™ office furniture and wall panels absorb to 90% of noise, which improves ambient sound.

EchoScape™ Desk Dividers mounted on tables and desks absorb noise that’s close to you.  EchoDeco™ wall panels absorb noise from machines, traffic and neighboring areas. Room dividers and modular panels with EchoScape™ absorb voices from collaboration or conference areas. Improving workplace acoustics can result in measurable increases in productivity. By using the right mix of MergeWorks’ products, you can turn your noisy office into a highly functioning, distraction free environment.

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