Glass Capabilities

M3 Glass Technologies specializes in turning your glass design vision into a stunning reality. Our diverse glass capabilities give customers near-endless options to choose from as they create the perfect space for their store, business, office, or home. Learn more about each of our fully customizable capabilities below, or contact us today for custom design assistance.

Glass Flooring



Manufactured to the highest engineering standards, our glass flooring is an ideal solution for creating functional and memorable glass floors. If you need to streamline your design process, we are also proud to offer pre-engineered glass floor designs. We offer multiple material types for our glass floor systems, including:

  • Starphire glass
  • Clear glass
  • Textured glass
  • Screen-printed
  • MPrinted
  • Colored interlayers
  • Combined treatments


Glass Railings

Glass Railing


We offer unparalleled surface quality in all our tempered glass products, including our glass stair ralings. Our glass railing systems are suited for outdoor and indoor use and maximize visibility and light entry, making any space feel warm, inviting, spacious and modern. Our custom glass railings are suitable for myriad commercial environments, such as:

  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Medical buildings
  • Hotels


Glass Walls



Glass walls can be used to create anchor walls and decorative focal points that greatly improve the aesthetic value of a space. Glass walls and glass panels can be made clear or opaque based on the privacy needs of the application. Our glass walls and panels are used in:

  • Elevator lobbies
  • Offices
  • Break rooms
  • Conference rooms


M3 Glassboards

Marker Board B&W (2)


M3 offers custom glass boards tailored to your needs. They are durable, visually stunning and highly customizable. Our glass board products are available in 12 colors, or we can match a color to ensure that the custom glass boards match your existing interior design aesthetic. Our glass marker boards are perfect for:

  • Brainstorming
  • Task tracking
  • Meetings 
  • Scheduling
  • Presentations


Glass Stair Treads



We offer residential glass stair treads and commercial glass treads. Our custom glass stair treads are commonly combined with glass floors and railings, glass canopies, or interior or exterior glass panels and walls. They are visually stunning, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Our custom design glass stairs are more fire-resistant than traditional solutions and make your space feel much more open, modern, and welcoming. Other benefits include:

  • Optional slip resistance with MPrint traction control
  • Improved natural light on lower levels
  • Customizable with branding or imagery


Glass Doors



Glass doors can make a limited space feel much larger than it is. Our tailored glass doors range from completely clear to opaque, with many gradations of opacity in between. Whether you need sliding doors or any other custom-made glass door, we can accommodate a wide range of frames to manufacture the perfect high-quality glass door to suit your needs. Customization options include:

  • Thickness (3/8”, 1/2″, 3/4″)
  • Glass type
  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Finishes


Glass Chairmats

Chair Mat Home (2)


Our tailored glass chair mats are made of high-quality, durable tempered glass. They can hold up to 1,000 pounds and will easily outlast polycarbonate and plastic alternatives. You can even add your company logo, signature coloring, and much more. Other benefits of our high-end chair mats include:

  • Resistance to pressure, impacts, traffic
  • Quiet chair movement
  • Durable
  • Won’t crack, dent, or wear


Glass Canopies



Design glass canopies and awnings are stylish, functional, and extremely durable. They do not just offer protection against inclement weather—they can also be a very strong branding tool. We offer both commercial glass canopies and residential glass canopies to suit any application. Our custom glass canopies can help you provide protection for:

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Entrances
  • Outdoor break areas


Glass Conference Tables

Glass Conference Table


Modern conference tables must be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Our beautiful glass conference tables can be cut to any size and we can accommodate any installation notches, wiring for phone lines, power sources, computer cables, or other functional requirements you may have. Our custom glass conference tables also include a variety of design elements, such as:

  • Custom colors
  • Logos
  • Specialty finishes
  • Patterns


Shower Doors



We offer tailored glass shower doors which are ideal for healthcare facilities, the hospitality industry, and residential spaces. Our bespoke shower doors can be manufactured in single door, sliding, inline, and corner styles and customized to accommodate all of your space requirements. These unique shower doors may be customized with:

  • Graphics printed at 720dpi
  • Colors and mixes of colors
  • Textures
  • Patterns


Glass Signage



The best glass signage communicates brand identity, conveys company values, and looks sophisticated and elegant. We offer custom glass signage equally effective for indoor and outdoor use to solidify your brand no matter which industry you’re in. Our fully customizable signs can incorporate:

  • Original artwork
  • Exact company logos and branding
  • Signature colors
  • Surface treatments


Glass Deskmats

Desk Mat Home


Modern glass desk mats are the perfect complement to glass chair mats. They seamlessly combine function and sleek modern style, and promote efficiency while making workers feel at home. Our desk mats can be customized to compensate for: 

  • Rounded corners,
  • Rounded-front desks
  • Other unique shapes


Elevator Cabs



Elevators are one of the safest parts of a building. The cables are designed to prevent any snapping from occurring, and every elevator has multiple backup and safety systems to keep occupants safe.

Interested in learning more about decorative design-glass?

M3 Glass Technologies offers informative guides and data sheets to help customers who are interested in specifying design-glass. Explore our guides.