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70 Brentwood Dr, Brant, Ontario N0J 1VO, Canada

iSPAN Systems | Complete Steel Framing Building Solutions

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
70 Brentwood Dr, Brant, Ontario N0J 1VO, Canada


We engineer and manufacture proprietary cold-formed steel framing systems that provide a complete solution for the supply and install of your building superstructure.

iSPAN Advantage First coming on the scene in the 1950s, cold-formed steel framing has become an industry-standard building material, prized for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and resistance to fire.

Most companies bend cold-formed steel into C-shapes for construction. While the C-shape is strong, I-shaped components are stronger. After investing years in developing the technology to make I-shaped components, we then added connectors and for some systems, Dovetail deck, which turns the individual construction components into a simple, strong system.

Today, iSPAN holds exclusive patents (in North America and internationally) for this groundbreaking construction technology. It has made us an industry leader in many countries around the world. While our systems offer many advantages for building, our involvement with our customers goes well beyond the manufacture and supply of steel framing systems.

Working with Us iSPAN is more than just a supplier. We work with our customers to ensure they get maximum benefit from our systems and shorten the learning curve as much as possible. Our Process The most ideal time to get us involved is when your idea is little more than a sketch on a single piece of paper, even before site plan approval has been obtained.

We will work with you to help realize the full advantages of out Total Framing system's unique features to achieve an economical build, that does not sacrifice quality functionality, or aesthetics.


Multi-Family Condos & Apartments

Create a high quality building that sells out or rents quickly. For multi-family condos and apartments, our systems allow you to build a high quality building in a shorter timeframe. Using our pre-fabricated components, your building will be completed in a much faster timeframe compared to using stick framed construction.

With greater design flexibility and high ratings for vibration and acoustic control, your units will be sought after by today’s demanding buyers or renters.

More affordable than cast in place construction, our systems won’t have you worrying about deficiency call backs.

Cold-formed steel framing does not settle or cause drywall cracks, creating a durable building structure that will be home to owners and tenants for many years to come.


A cost-effective building solution to get heads in beds faster. To run a profitable property in today’s marketplace, finding cost-effective building solutions that provide long-term durability is important. So is finishing the building as quickly as possible to be able to start renting units. Our framing systems are competitive against wood framing and with one supplier able to complete the whole superstructure, you will have less headaches in coordinating trades. With noise between rooms being a common concern in hotels, the superior acoustic ratings of our systems will make for happy guests.


Durable building solution for high-use and post-disaster buildings. Institutional buildings are subject to high traffic and usage that puts demands on a building to be durable for many years. From police stations and churches, to hospitals, our systems are the ideal solution for construction of post-disaster buildings.


Create a solid building ready for occupancy or operations. Our systems have applications across a broad range of commercial building applications. From head offices to factory facilities, the durability and ease of installation of our systems make them the right choice for commercial building.


Mezzanines Easily create extra space in an existing building. Unlike traditional precast mezzanines that are heavy and hard to install, our systems are the ideal solution for adding additional office or storage space into an existing building. Lightweight and easy to install, many companies are choosing Composite TotalJoist or TotalJoist to expand their space without having to expand the footprint of the building.


We purchase steel from suppliers that produce steel using up to 90% recycled content. With over 100-year life expectancy, our steel joists are a sustainable building material that will stand the test of time. iSPAN joists are reusable, reclaimable, and recyclable.

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Composite TotalJoist Systems from iSPAN Systems


70 Brentwood Dr, Brant, Ontario N0J 1VO, Canada
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