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ICS is a national Facility Services leader, offering innovative building operational solutions to many of Canada's largest and most well-known industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) and multi-residential real estate asset managers.

We provide a customized and fully-integrated approach across five areas of expertise: cleaning, general contracting, security, smart technology and waste management services. We are laser-focused on providing our customers and their stakeholders with customized solutions that enable sustainability, enhance cost reduction and ensure risk mitigation.



New Generation Technologies. Clean and Green.

ICS provides a full range of turn-key cleaning and building maintenance services. Our teams of experts are fully trained and dedicated to providing the best service to our clients - day, evening, or night. We take pride in delivering exceptional service and being proactive in identifying issues before they arise.

Our project management and supervisory staff are experienced in the LEED environment and are able to coordinate and expedite our services for regular work, specialized services, periodic tasks and special events as required. Sustainability, cost savings, and risk mitigation for our clients drive each and every one of our decisions.

ICS has an unwavering commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment. More than oceans, air, soil, plants and animals, our definition of the environment includes the health and hygiene of the premises in which our staff and clients work. This expanded definition helps us focus on the right products, tools, equipment, processes and policies to promote a healthier environment for a building’s occupants, while preserving and adding value to our clients' capital investments and reputation for excellence.

We have a reputation for approaching the building services market differently, by offering evermore sudden levels of service and structuring our operations to become acutely aware of and laser focused on alleviating client pain points.


Construction. 24/7 Emergency Restoration.

ICS provides a wide range of emergency and scheduled construction services to customers across multiple industries, including commercial, industrial and multi-residential. We specialize in immediate mobilization and rapid response to emergencies requiring restorative care and attention, such as floods, fire, wind storms and other unplanned circumstances. Our goal is to achieve client business continuity. We also specialize in new builds and upgrades, such as interior construction and facility repair.

Our team of experienced construction professionals offer strategies to facilitate all project requirements. Clients who choose these services are able to see the commitment and quality ICS brings to the entire scope of the project.

Our approach is client-focused, collaborative and cooperative, complete with highest degree of professionalism and integrity. Safety is our priority. We deliver quality workmanship in a safe and effective manner, and apply creativity to our construction solutions. With a trusted network of subcontractors and suppliers, we deliver results and best value for our clients. No matter the obstacle, we always find a way to make it work.

Our dedicated teams work closely with clients in demonstrating problem-solving abilities and superior service in creating the best experience possible – even under the most stressful circumstances. We communicate throughout every step of the project and honour all client deadlines and budgets.


Professional Security Solutions.

ICS provides a range of integrated, specialized and highly professional security services, solutions and training through RBG, a trusted and leading security provider in the industry. As a division of ICS, RBG is the sole provider of ICS security services. Since its inception, RBG Security Inc. has developed a reputation for high quality and dependable service, delivered by a group of highly-trained security professionals who are committed to courteous customer care and satisfaction. We deliver value through quality customer service and operational excellence. We offer leading-edge technology and the best trained personnel, with appropriate certifications and qualifications, to protect and ensure the safety of people, property, and assets. Our dedicated professional staff are available as scheduled, on call or for emergency situations – we’re always on guard to protect people, property and assets – regardless of location, situation or identity. Our dedicated professional staff are available as scheduled, on call or for emergency situations – we’re always on guard to protect people, property and assets – regardless of location, situation or identity.


Real-time data. Actionable Insights.

ICS provides smart technological solutions that deliver high-level reliability with optimal efficiency and accuracy. We are technology advocates. We provide smart technology and integrated systems solutions for efficient and effective water management and building automation to a variety of clients across the commercial sector. We provide leading-edge water management technology, featuring consumption control, leak detection and remote shut-off. Our technology protects a building’s in-suite and common areas, as well as boilers, risers, main feeds and zones.

The ICS solution includes sensors, meters and shut-off valves that utilize industry leading LoRaWan™ technology, combining a mobile APP and property management dashboard that allows for real-time tracking and alerts for water issues. ICS also provides a revolutionary solution that unifies business systems and devices through a single control interface. This interface is customizable and offers numerous features, such as detailed reporting, total command and advanced control. Whether on location or around the world, fingertip access to real-time data enables ICS clients to reduce their operational costs and gain efficiencies through better resource management and risk mitigation.

Our Value Proposition is founded on extensive industry knowledge, broad expertise and proprietary technologies. Whether it's our building automation or intelligent water management solutions, we save your business time, money and frustration.


Independent. Unbiased. Experts.

ICS provides customers a wide range of cost-effective, efficient and environmentally-responsible waste management and recycling solutions – independently and without bias. We analyze client waste flows to determine specific frequencies, bin sizes, compactor requirements and increase diversion rates. In addition, we fulfill annual mandatory waste audit requirements and source solutions for organic food wastes. We provide a national, single point of contact for customer service and deliver exceptional results in helping clients reduce costs and improve environmental stewardship through our extensive suite of solutions and team of experienced professionals. In addition, we are proud to offer clients third party waste audits and waste reduction plans geared to identifying savings and alternative recycling and reusing options that are not limited to the services offered by your current hauler or recycler. We ensure that all waste audits are fulfilling Ontario Regulations 102/94 and 103/94. Consolidated billing, monthly invoice audits, vendor management and cost-reduction strategies are key features of our Value Proposition. Professional service and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.


Real protection. Real time. Real value.

We are committed to working with our client partners in delivering innovative solutions, sudden service and uncompromised compliance. We rely on our extensive and proven industry knowledge and customer experience in problem solving and service excellence. This includes technology adoption, environmental science and stewardship, and collaborative ideation. One example of this is our exclusive partnership with Eddy Solutions, whereby we provide innovative and proprietary technological solutions for water consumption, leak detection and risk mitigation for the commercial sector.

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