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Greenteriors | Living Wall and Architecture Consultants Designers and Managers

Greenteriors | Living Wall and Architecture Consultants Designers and Managers

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Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Greenteriors | Living Wall and Architecture Consultants Designers and Managers

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Greenteriors brings cohesion to the living architecture industry. We do this by working with preferred manufacturers, dealers, installers, and maintenance crews to ensure the proper system, plants, and care plan are considered for your unique project


Greenteriors operates non-competitively to support all living wall manufacturers, or brands, alike. We first take a high-level approach to determine the precise needs of each unique project and then design and plan appropriately to specify our recommended living wall system. The many hydroponic and soil-based living wall systems vary so it is important to ensure the proper system is installed. Not all living wall systems will be successful in all spaces. Structural support, irrigation, lighting, and maintenance access are key components during concept development.

We work with architects, interior designers, and business owners alike on commercial and residential projects.

Our global network includes manufacturers, contractors, engineers, plant nurseries, maintenance crews and other professionals. We focus on contracting local companies to support economic growth in the community and create jobs within. We take pride in managing client expectations. Discussing the realities of living wall projects is important to ensure the client is aware of all requirements to achieve success.

A living wall is a long-term commitment that requires ongoing maintenance for optimal success. Greenteriors has over 100 satisfied clients to date including RedBull, Stackt Properties, WSC Financial Solutions, Timberland, Core Urban Developments, and Steel City Studios.

At Greenteriors we recognize the need to provide architects, interiors designers, and business owners with the proper tools to plan and install successful projects. Not all living architecture technologies are the same, nor are the interior and exterior environments they are designed for. Do you manufacture living wall, green roof, or green facade technologies? Greenteriors will build your network of dealers in selected global regions through our exclusive business development services.


To progressively advance the living wall industry to improve our environments, economies, and quality of life globally.


To empower architects & interior designers with the tools to design successful living wall projects. To elevate spaces through the integration of plants.


Living Walls, Green Roofs, & Green Facades. Living Architecture is a term used to describe the integration of living walls, green roofs, and green facades to new and existing buildings. Innovative technologies allow living plants to create impressionable designs that are built to last. Similar industry terms you may see include green architecture, green construction, and living infrastructure. ​ Living Architecture offer environmental, economic, and health benefits. ​

Whether interior or exterior Living Architecture installations are successful only when planned, designed, installed, and maintained properly.

Our Services:


Are you a manufacturer or dealer of living architecture technologies? Are you looking to increase your sales and build your professional network to take your company to the next level? Greenteriors will build your business on an exclusive contract. Are you an interior designer or architecture firm looking to offer your clients new and innovative products? Increase your companies sales and create recurring revenue by including living walls, green roofs, green facades and their accompanying maintenance in your proposals.

Greenteriors will educate your team on the proper techniques to integrate living architecture into your proposals and designs.


Does your firm have a project or portfolio of living architecture that requires the professional management of an expert? Greenteriors follows the stages and knowledge areas proven for successful projects. From early planning stages we emphasize scope, procurement, risk, and stakeholder management through to execution and thereafter. ​ We support firms globally.


Is your architecture, interior design, or landscape architecture firm looking for expert guidance to plan successful living architecture projects for your clients? Greenteriors will professionally advise your team on the requirements to plan for successful living wall, green roof, or green façade projects. We first have high-level discussion of your project(s) at hand. From there we will propose our recommendations with the option for our professional project management service.

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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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