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eProperty Care | Smart Building Solutions for Multi-Residential

eProperty Care | Smart Building Solutions for Multi-Residential

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Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
32 Cedar St, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143, United States

eProperty Care | Smart Building Solutions for Multi-Residential

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
32 Cedar St, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143, United States


ePropertyCare provides smart building solutions for landlords, developers and property managers. We utilize a cellular platform based on alarm.com that allows owners to remote control of access, temperature, video, lights, water protection and more.

About Us

ePropertyCare originated as eLandlord and was conceived out of necessity. At the time of the company founding I was an amateur landlord with a full-time job and family, and had built up a portfolio of out-of-state rental properties. It was hard to manage these properties remotely and local management solutions were not cost-effective. It always surprised me how dependent I was on tenants for communication of problems in the house. And when a unit was vacant, I was at a big risk.  

I spent the first 15 years of my career in the semiconductor industry so I knew there had to be a way to take smart home technology from the home into the rental property market. This was a big gap since most landlords don’t pay for unit WiFi, and tenant WiFi is generally not accessible. I started to research options and after a coincidental meeting with a good friend who founded Building36, I found the right platform that solved the problem with cellular connectivity. 

Since we launched we have built-up our focus on the landlord, developer and property manager, and have added security, access control, video and now PointCentral for large multi-dwelling unit automation. We are excited about the growth of the company and see a bright future ahead. 

How it Works

1. Install the ePropertyCare Cellular Hub in the Unit or Building

– Hub requires access to a power outlet and at least 1 bar of cellular service from AT&T or Verizon
– Provide ePropertyCare with the serial # of hub for activation and we’ll provide login credentials to the App

ADC-NK-200T Hub

2. Install Compatible Hardware Components 

– ePropertyCare can sell hardware and offer installation services

– Or purchase and install yourself through this list of compatible devices. Devices must be Z-wave, not WiFi

3. Pair Hardware Components to the Cellular Hub 

– Put hub into pairing mode through the App and trigger each device following the device instructions – they will automatically show up in the App

4. Setup software automations and notifications 

– Follow ePropertyCare instructional videos to setup the rules, notifications and automations, or contact us and we can help

5. Start Controlling your Building remotely through the website or App!

– Easily create resident or tenant logins to the App.

– Customize the components that are visible in their App

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Our Solution


Our Smart Building solution brings a unified platform that can scale from single-family residential to 1000+ unit multi-family – all through a single App and all over Cellular.

We’re an authorized dealer for Alarm.com, Point Central and Building36, giving us access to the premier home & building automation platform in the industry with 6M+ users and 90M+ connected devices.

Our solution integrates into major property management software platforms such as Yardi, AppFolio, RealPage and more for fully-automated workflows for move-in, move-out and work orders.


Access Control

Remotely control door locks and building access doors via your phone. Add / Delete codes for guests, contractors, residents and more.


Water Leak Detection

Detect water leaks, burst pipes and running toilets through wireless water sensors and an integrated water flow meter + shut off valve.


Smart Temperature

Remotely control thermostats and receive temperature alerts when it is too hot or too cold in your property to get ahead of HVAC emergencies.



Setup indoor and outdoor video cameras. Store clips in the cloud and view recorded footage via your mobile device from anywhere in the world.



Upgrade your security system to one that is controllable via your phone and fully integrated with your smart home. Central Station monitoring.


Smart Lights

Control your lights via your phone. Set your lights on a digital schedule. Automatically have your lights turn on when doors are opened or people are detected via video.

Industry Sectors Served

  • Multi-Residential

Additional information

Service Area: United States


eProperty Care


32 Cedar St, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143, United States
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