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ENERGI PROS™ operates nationwide, helping clients improve their energy performance through Lighting, Water, HVAC, Controls, Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Power Factor Correction state of the art Energy Storage, solar, wind & passive geothermal

Since 1995 ENERGI PROS™ has been a leader in the energy savings/energy services industry. We provide a broad range of energy solutions, including site-specific engineering analysis and project design, implementation of energy conservation, power generation, energy storage (thermal and electro-chemical), retrofit, new construction, energy supply, and risk management.

Energi Pros being a premier and unique Energy Services Company, our value proposition is strong and simple: we capture wasted energy and gross inefficiencies and place a monetary value on what we capture.
Energi Pros then uses that value to enhance your bottom line and reduce your carbon footprint.

We begin with a free energy waste analysis. “Free” means free. Our goals: increase the value of your facility/property and enhance your operating profit through the delivery of the most current and proven energy management and co-generation technologies.

Energi Pros’ clients have innovative financing methods available for project fulfillment. In every case, we work to make sure post-installation energy expenses – including technologies – is equal to OR less than energy expenses before we perform our work. Long-range energy reductions of 35-50%+ are possible. In some cases, we can take a client completely off the energy grid. Traditional equipment leases and off-balance sheet solutions are among the finance tools available.

ENERGI PROS™ operates nationwide, helping clients improve their energy performance through Lighting, Water, HVAC, Controls, Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Power Factor Correction state of the art Energy Storage, solar, wind, passive geothermal – commercial and utility-scale. We offer reliable, high-yield and profitable alternatives that are specially tailored to our customer energy needs.

Start Saving Electricity

We offer the complete range of energy solutions, beginning with the simple purchase of electricity for homeowners, and stretching all the way to complex strategic business energy analysis. To date, our Energy Services Team has helped over 3,500 clients contract over 4 billion kWh of electricity.

It is our goal to make sure your home or organization uses energy in the most efficient way possible so that you avoid needlessly wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars per month on your energy bills.

We help you:

Get flexible contract terms
Sidestep irritating billing overcharges
Avoid annoying power factor penalties
Negotiate the lowest energy rates available
Secure available rebates for building improvements
Identify energy efficiency projects, which may include using solar power
Having relationships with all major REPs, allows us to quickly survey the entire market, initiate a bidding war, and help you get the best price available.

Lighting Retrofits
Instantly Reduce Energy Usage and Your Electric Bill with Lighting Retrofitting

Have you ever actually taken the time to analyze the amount of electricity your organization’s lighting consumes?

Whether you own a business, your own home, or work in the public sector, you are so busy with day-to-day operations that you may not realize how much money your organization wastes on inefficient lighting solutions each month. For some of our customers, this number is at hundreds, or even thousands of dollars each month.

By simply implementing an LED lighting solution, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars per month almost immediately.

How Our Lighting Retrofitting Service Works

We will analyze your entire lighting system and address all inefficiencies discovered. We might recommend you to replace inefficient lamps and ballasts, add reflectors, or remove inefficient lamps entirely.

Every organization receives a custom solution – no two organizations receive the same solution.

In addition to custom solutions, our energy consultants also:

Use our 250 years of combined experience to your advantage – Our seven consultants have seen everything and after they talk with you to gain an understanding of your problems and goals, they will provide you with the solution that helps you save the most over the long-term.
Find more ways to help you save money – Lighting retrofitting may be a significant step in the right direction towards energy savings, but you might benefit from additional services. Energy rate and analysis monitoring and contract negotiation may extend your savings farther. If we see an opportunity to help you save, we will let you know.
Begin a bidding war to help you secure the best rates – We have relationships with all major retail electric providers. Once we know your energy needs, we submit your information to all major REPs for bids. We then leverage those bids to help you receive the best deal on energy rates that is possible in the current market and we will notify you if a better deal becomes available in the future.
Start Saving Now and Use those Wasted Funds for Better Purposes

No matter what type of organization you run – nonprofit, public service, business, or if you own your home, we can help you free up some funds that would otherwise pay energy expenses.

What could you do with a few hundred extra dollars per month?

Efficiency Services

ENERGI PROS™ has engineering studies performed on commercial and industrial facilities can yield actionable data that can, in turn, result in significant energy cost savings.

Energy EfficiencyHere are four ways to identify issues and find ways to enhance efficiency:

Predominant Use
Power Factor Correction
Retro Commissioning

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