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Find technologies, solutions and services to future-proof your office or building; making workplaces more flexible without compromising security, safety or, ROI.

Tenant Engagement applications keep tenants informed and engaged in sustainability, can provide value added servies with local shops and are mobile ready solutions.

Advanced Desk-mapping and Booking solutions control office capacity, social distancing and allow for spaces to be configured for flexible scheduling of employees coming into the office.

Occupancy Tracking solutions help to provide data to limit capacity, track occupancy levels and are becoming must have solutions for office buildings. Occupancy tacking cn also help configure space as required to understand and manage space usage in the workplace.

Cloud-based Security and Building Management solutions will future-proof your invesmtent and become an essential element of an adaptable workplace providing the ability to react and adjust in real-time, controlling building and office access and ensuring optimum building energy and systems management. 

Digital Visitor Experience solutions control the way visitors, contractors, and vendors access and use the office as well. A digital visitor management system is not only more convenient for guests, but it also helps administrators keep track of visitor activity. Using an access control system that includes a digital guest pass feature, admins can easily send a visitor credential via text or email and customized the permissions, all without having to set foot at the office.

Investing in technology that reduces friction for employees and guests can improve the overall experience in your building. 

Office and Building Automation in today's environment is keyUtilizing cloud-based solutions and open-platform architecture, businesses can connect disparate systems to optimize their operations from the inside out. Automation is a powerful tool in creating smarter office buildings, from something as simple as a text alert if an alarm goes off after-hours, to multi-step automation that connects access control, HVAC, lighting, video surveillance, and alarms.

Summary; Proptech solutions for your office and building keep your employees engaged, productive and safe. Technology for security, meeting room management, and solutions for creating workplace wellness are now more important than ever.

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450 7th Avenue, New York, New York 10123, United States
Essensys partners with the world’s most ambitious flexible workspace brands and landlords. We are the global technology leader making flexible workspaces work.
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9 Van Der Graaf Crt, Brampton, Ontario L6T5E5, Canada
Gunnebo is a global leader in security products, services and solutions with an offering covering cash handling, safes and vaults, entrance security and electronic security for banks, retail, CIT, public & commercial and industrial buildings.
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