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70 East Beaver Creek Rd, Unit 32, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Circuit Energy | Energy Conseration and Management Solutions

Environmental Sustainability Leader
Environmental Sustainability Leader
70 East Beaver Creek Rd, Unit 32, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


Circuit Energy is a turn-key solutions provider for clients throughout Ontario seeking engineering and contracting, solar PV systems, and commercial lighting on a large scale. Contact our energy consultants today for a free audit of your property.

We are Circuit Energy, a subsidiary of Edgecom Group of Companies.

EDGECOM is a leading private multi-disciplinary company with extensive experience in developing and managing innovative projects. The vision to deliver turn-key energy management software and solutions, led to the creation of Edgecom Energy and Circuit Energy. In collaboration with one another, the two companies can deliver safe, practical, intelligent solutions that are tailored to fulfill your short and long-term energy goals.


We are a team of Energy Consultants! Our energy experts, engineers and contractors are enthusiastic about finding ways to reduce your energy consumption through designing, implementing and commissioning state-of-the-art projects in-line with your company’s long-term goals.

Additionally, we troubleshoot, maintain and upgrade your existing electrical infrastructure while minimizing the impact our work would have on your day-to-day business activities. We will be with you every step of the way in order to ensure that you maximize your rate of return on your investments and achieve the desired outcome, in the shortest period of time possible, while adhering to the highest levels of standard for quality of workmanship, product selection, safety and environmental impacts.



Circuit Energy leverages government incentives to upgrade the existing lighting at commercial, residential and industrial facilities throughout Ontario.

Our lighting retrofit professionals will conduct a full audit of your facility to optimize your building’s energy consumption. We select the most suitable types of lighting for upgrading purposes, which entails the removal and replacement of your old fixtures. In addition, we will submit applications to the government based on the incentives available for various types of lighting WE have installed.

Our goal is to outfit you with the best options for your business’ needs. We strive to achieve the best return on your energy investment. We have the experience to update any existing electrical infrastructure. From the installation of new panels and wiring to the creation of new production lines, our team does it all.


Are you looking for a more cost-effective way to operate your business?

Are you making the most of our government’s Energy Conservation Plan incentives?

For diligent service and proactive energy reduction solutions in Ontario, turn to a team who can assess and monitor your needs with the highest degree of accuracy.


Our customized solutions address a wide variety of power related issues that typically result in LDC penalties, reduce equipment life-span and many other undesirable outcomes. Our equipment can help with the following: Address voltage fluctuations and imbalances Suppress surges and transient currents Active filtration of harmonic frequencies Power factor improvements and increase system efficiency Reduce line, Eddy current, and hysteresis losses Up to 30% in power savings without reducing the load profile Swell and sag mitigation And much more…


We have over 30 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and installing power quality improvement and circuit protection equipment around the world. Our systems are customized and optimized to address the specific issues your plant is experiencing. Our modular designs allow for cost-effective, problem-specific systems that can easily justify the investment and provide peace of mind for years to come.


-Troubleshooting of existing infrastructures

-Upgrade recommendations

-Infra-red imaging and Point-of-Failure detection

-Smart meter and occupancy sensor installations

-Building automation design and implementation

-New electrical wiring and panel installation

-Preventative electrical maintenance


Circuit Energy specializes in designing, engineering, and constructing integrated renewable energy systems at our Richmond Hill location.

Our PV systems produce clean renewable energy free of environmental emissions. These systems are capable of generating hundreds of megawatts for residential, commercial and industrial use across the province.

Not only are our modular systems essentially maintenance-free in their operation, but they typically allow clients to recoup their initial investment within 2 years of installation.

If you are interested in an electric generation system for your place of business, please contact our office to speak with a Circuit Energy representative today.

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70 East Beaver Creek Rd, Unit 32, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
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