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Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™ is the source for Tenants, Owners, Property and Facilities Managers for EverythingCRE and Sustainability related – All In One Place! Free to search for all visitors to find the best CRE Professionals, Product and Services Contractors across the Country. Tenants, Investors, Property Managers and Owners can now easily find exactly what they are looking for Locally, or by Region. Your EverythingCRE™ Listing promotion tools are controlled entirely by you or, we can provide any changes and initialization for you. As a CRE Agent or Broker Professional promote your personal brand: we have a Pro members interface where you can log in and change any details, add special Top Properties, promotions for more exposure within the EverythingCRE™ community of visitors and much more!

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Coronavirus Pandemic Announcement on Available Services

Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™ services are fully operational and we look forward to assisting all professionals, products and services contractors with Listing and Promoting Services and Solutions to the CRE industry to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic . Our services are also fully available to help all CRE tenants, owners, building and facility managers address any emergency needs while we persevere through the current situation. The provision of proper cleaning and maintenance services is paramount to ensuring a healthy workplace during these challenging times and in preparation for the ultimate return to more normal operations of all business.

Our team is safe and working remotely; prepared to address any needs you may have for Listing your services or connecting you with services you may need.

We are now providing FREE and Special $395/Year Premium Listings for Services Providers helping to address CRE industry needs to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are announcing here that 10% of all of our Listings net income for 2020 will be donated to non-profit and charitable organizations providing local relief to those most in need as a result of this Pandemic - Canadian and U.S. recipient organizations will be announced.

All payments in $USD - in Canada, HST will be applied and submitted within charges processed where applicable.

Everyone stay safe and follow all jurisdictional advisories and health guidelines please.

COVID-19 Special Pricing - Promote your Services and Business Today in our EverythingCRE™ Listings

For National Accounts - Contact Us for a Quote! | Get 2 Months Free with an Annual Subscription! All charges in $USD and for Canadian clients will include HST - a separate invoice will be emailed to you.

For National Services Providers please contact our sales department for plan pricing. National accounts recieve top placement, can enable local search and contact for up to 24 local, individual offices across the country and are provided additional features for maximum exposure. National account plans range from $1,895 - $4,295/Year. Contact us today by email for more information. 

Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™ is an Ecosystem of Business Leads and's the place to be:

Monster Commercial Real Estate and the Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™  is making it easier for commercial real estate owners, operators, managers and tenants to find solutions to sustainability issues, maintenance, workspace design and tenant engagement solutions all in one simple search. For developers, managers and owners, the Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™ is making is easier to find the best urban planning & design, architectural, engineering & construction professionals and contractors along with the latest technologies to make buildings operate more efficiently in all aspects. Promote your professional services or products, solutions & company in any of over 100 categories with your Listing presentable by Region in CRE Products and Services categories for the solutions and services you offer.

You have access to display images, an additional pdf file and a corporate video...the Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™ will be one of your key marketing tools!

Certified Commercial - Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™ help's CRE owners, managers, investors and tenants to easily find "Certified Commercial" professionals, products, services and contractors that know the business of Commercial Real all it's forms, where they need them. 

All Listings in the Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™ are vetted and checked to be Certified Commercial so you know you'll be in good company.

Once a Listing is accepted, the Listing owner qualifies for our Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™ Approved declaration with option to place the badge on their website and link to their Listing.

Placing the Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™ Approved badge and logo on your website with a link to your Listing qualifies you for 10% savings on your second year of subscripton and 5% each subsequent year.

We also have badge logos for Services Contractors vehicles available (see below - 6" x 10") to place on your service vehicle(s).

And, every new annual paid Listing will receive 2 Free sport caps featuring our very own Monster Commercial EverythingCRE™ logo - available in various sizes in black, grey or white for men and women, with your Listing completion! 


Monster Commercial Everything CRE Approved Logo-4


Request or order your vehicle badges and/or sport caps: Email Us with Shipping info and color/size request.


We feature all Environmental Sustainability Leaders prominently (This includes Companies and member CRE Professionals that are LEED or WELL Acredited Professional's or, are members in Sustainability Practices).


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