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What can be done to improve air quality in the office?

What can be done to improve air quality in the office?

According to the US Department of Labour, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), indoor air quality problems in offices are not limited to old buildings, but can occur in newly constructed buildings and renovated buildings as well.

Concerns over Coronavirus only compound issues of air quality and how to make the workplace more safe by improving air quality.

What can building owners, office managers and facilities managers do to alieve concerns about indoor air quality?

Subscribe to our Everything CRE Network Weekly Updates to get all the latest inspiring information to help you make changes in your office or commercial real estate property or, portfolio of properties. Sign up today.Revised CDC guidelines offer some advice for employers and office buildings to reduce COVID-19 exposure in the workplace and transmission in the air and on surfaces.

Of primary importance will be to have your HVAC system inspected and all maintenance performed including filter changes and possible duct cleaning to increase air circulation as much as possible and optimize the amount of fresh out-door air mixture with recirculated, fltered in-door air.

Improving Office Indoor Air Quality with Ventilation

Periodically open windows or let fresh air in through available door openings when possible.

Consider installing portable or fixed medical grade air purifiers for your office or workspace to help eliminate harmful toxins, pollutants and airborne microbial contanimants.

Also educate yourself with general EPA guidelines on how to improve in-door air quality in office buildings (IAQ).

Consider, and ask your commercial HVAC service and maintenance contractor about UV Air Purification technology and how how it an help to improve overall air quality by dissinfecting the air returned into your office or workspace. Your HVAC speicalist can advise you on installing a built-in system or initially installing portable units into your office.

Lastly, make sure you have also considered any changes to your office design layout to maximize the amount of space you provide your employees, make sure your ventilation system works best with your office layout and, allow them to be socially distant when necessary.

All of these steps can help you return your employees safely and with confidence back into your workplace and office environments.

Consider all of your options for how to deal with COVID-19 in the workplace and possible solutions available and, what other workplace wellness solutions are available for your office to improve and maintain healthy and productive employees.


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