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Offices are going to open again: Is your business ready?

Offices are going to open again: Is your business ready?

Before resuming business operations, check your office or building to see if it’s ready for occupancy and; create or modify your own health and safety plan.

You can start by reviewing the Interim Guidance for Business and Employers from the CDC or visit How businesses and employees can stay safe during COVID-19 and the Government of Canada guidelines.

Once you identify key areas of concern within your office or workplace regarding how to keep you and your team safer; think of the solutions you require and find them in the Office and Workplace Solutions for COVID-19 category.

Retun to work safely

You can also read more here on HVAC and Covide-19 Guidelines for a Healthy Office and  how to improve the indoor air quality within your office or workplace which is also key to maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

For ongoing health and wellness in your office or workplace also periodically check our Workplace Wellness solutions and serivce category for ideas and service providers to help you commit to continuous improvement. Your staff and emplyees will see that you are committed to their heath and wellbeing which goes a long way to help you get the most out of your team and keep them!

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