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How often should commercial HVAC air filters be changed?

How often should commercial HVAC air filters be changed?

Regular Service and Maintenance of your Commercial HVAC System is Your Obligation as a Tenant


Are you getting ready to bring your employees back to the office?


Seasonal maintenance including filter changes is not only important to help maintain a healthy workplace; it’s also crucial to helping you make your employees feel safer in their return-to-the-office during the on-going threat of COVID-19.


Regular Maintenance is Your Responsibility as a Tenant


By adhering to regular and preventative HVAC maintenance procedure for your heating and cooling system you’ll not only keep your employees in a healthier workspace with optimal indoor air quality (IAQ); you’ll be saving on energy costs as well. A well-maintained HVAC system with clean filters with all components checked and serviced as required is also likely now a clause in your lease agreement. Find a qualified HVAC services contractor with whom you have a periodic maintenance agreement to keep your HVAC system running a peak performance.


Do not be tempted to let your HVAC system maintenance slide. Good indoor air quality and proper air circulation is one of your main defences in the workplace against the spread of anti-microbial air-born contaminants.


It is recommended that your HVAC system be serviced annually and filters changed every 3 months depending on the out-door air quality around your office, building or facility.


For additional UV treatment of circulating air in your office environment and other precautions to help guard your employees against health issues from the current Pandemic; Find office and workplace solutions to help protect your employees and tenants from COVID-19.


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