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Everything CRE ™ Supports Joe Biden's Plan for Building Retrofits

Everything CRE ™ Supports Joe Biden's Plan for Building Retrofits

The Everything CRE Directory and Services will Fully Support President-Elect Joe Biden's Plan to Retrofit over Four Million Square Feet of existing Commercial Buildings and Support the New Construction of Energy Efficient CRE Projects

Showcasing the Best Solutions, Services and Experts in CRE Sustainability

Joe Biden's Plan for Commercial Builidngs and Energy Efficiency:

Building Retrofits And New Construction

The plan includes major elements regarding improved energy efficiency in buildings, aiming to:

  • Upgrade four million commercial buildings, and return nearly a quarter of the savings from those retrofits to state and local governments. This would include installing and maintaining high-efficiency LED lighting, electric appliances, and advanced heating and cooling systems manufactured in the United States.
  • Expand weatherization efforts to reach more than two million homes within four years, with benefits including slashing the disproportionately high energy burden for low-income rural households and rural communities of color.
  • Spur the construction of 1.5 million homes and public housing units that are energy-efficient from the start and incentivize regional planning that connects housing, transit, and jobs.
  • Make a major investment in energy upgrades for homes, offices, warehouses, and public buildings, with the plan asserting that this will create at least one million jobs in construction, engineering, and manufacturing while improving indoor air quality and environmental health.
  • Reform the building code process with the goal of establishing nationwide building performance standards for existing buildings and supporting this effort with new funding mechanisms for states, local governments, and tribes.
  • Offer direct cash rebates and low-cost financing to upgrade and electrify home appliances, install more efficient windows, and cut residential energy bills.

Plan Will Create Energy Efficiency Jobs

Biden plan would create jobs through clean energy by:

  • Reforming and extending tax incentives that are proven to generate energy efficiency jobs.
  • Directing significant investment in energy efficiency, clean energy, electrical systems, and line infrastructure to drive the creation of skilled union jobs and make it easier to electrify buildings, industrial processes, and transportation.
  • Aiming to create 10 million jobs total while responding to climate change.

The Everything CRE Directory and Services will assist Facility Managers, Building Owners and Tenants to create more efficient buildings and healthier workplaces by presenting the best solutions providers, experts and services to help.

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