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Articles in The Future of Leasing Space and Evolving Trends

The future of leasing commercial real estate and space is evolving; with new trends for more flexible leasing terms to accomodate the needs of today's business, with dynamic work environments for office space, localized distribution centres, the emergence of pop-up shops and complete new retail experience environments. Here we'll bring you the latest from around the world to help you understand and adapt to the new opportunities from a leasing and marketing perspecitve. 

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by Hannah Grievson on April 11, 2021
Are Shops on Demand the Future of Local Retail?
by Hannah Grievson on April 11, 2021
The current state of retail leasing across the U.S., Canada and Europe dictate that landlords review all options to cater to new leasing trends and offer more flexibility to retailers, including those requiring temporary space that may drive traffic.... Read full article
by BOS | Inspiring Workspace Furnishings on January 28, 2021
Before your company returns to the office; now is the time to review your workspace. The workspace design is a major component in both employees and employers alike need to be able to take pride in their workspace as a platform for growth and success... Read full article
by Holly Welles on September 11, 2019
Searching for a New Lease and Prioritizing Needs
by Holly Welles on September 11, 2019
Negotiating a commercial lease can prove daunting, and far too many entrepreneurs use this excuse to delay the process. As a result, they miss a valuable opportunity to prioritize their needs and end up leasing the first location that suits their pri... Read full article

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