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LED Lighting Refit Saves Energy and Improves Workplace Wellness

Companies across the country are increasingly turning to ligthing retrofits, converting to LED, not only save energy; they provide employees with better quality of lighting that can result in increased productivity and overall workplace wellness.

Have you considered an LED lighting retrofit?

Helios Energy recently undertook the challenge of converting SKF's world class warehouse and manufactuing facilities in North Carolina. 

The Project

LED High Bay, Office and Exterior Lighting Retrofit Project at a 338,288 Square Foot Diversified World Class Manufacturer.

The Challenge

To successfully install a lighting retrofit project at a world class manufacturing facility located in Sumter, South Carolina with two primary buildings.

Need 1: Improve Lighting Output

Need 2: Greatly Reduce Electricity Costs

Need 3: Greatly Reduce Maintenance Costs

Need 4: Improve Safety for Total Facility

Need 5: Meet SKF’s Stated Sustainability Goals



The Solution

In total, 2,225 fixtures were installed at this active manufacturing, warehouse and office facility replacing 2,370 existing fixtures. This lighting retrofit project included the retrofitting of all office, warehouse lighting and exterior lighting.

The keys fixture solutions on this project were:

  • Replaced 50 Troffers with new LED Panels
  • Retrofitted 748 Troffers with 140 LPW LED Sticks
  • Replaced 22 Loading dock fixtures with LED Smart motion-controlled fixtures
  • Replaced 166 Linear High Bay Task Fixtures with 180 LPW LED Linear High Bay with integral motion controllers
  • Replaced 948 Linear fluorescent high bays with 190 LPW LED UFO High BayFixtures with integral motion controllers
  • Replaced 47 exterior mounted fixtures with high efficiency LED exterior Lighting
  • Replaced 43 incandescent interior downlights with high efficiency LED downlights

Improvement of Warehouse Lighting Average Foot Candles as follows:

Average Foot Candles Before = 11 Fc After = 49 Fc


The Helios Energy, LED Lighitng Retrofit Impact

Energy Reduction – 2,220,775 kWh Reduced

Energy Savings – $157,863

Maintenance Savings – $77,639

Reducing 2,220,775 kWh per year on this project is equivalent to 3,644,258 lbs of CO2 saved or 353 cars removed from the road.

Total 10-year Savings – $2,355,080

Sustainable CRE and Energy Retrofits

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