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Investing in Workspace Transformation Can Help Retain and Attract Employees

If you’re a business leader who seeks to improve your ability to attract and retain top talent, take a look at how your workspaces are set up. Creating a workspace that caters to elements of individual employees helps foster better company loyalty. Employees now seek offices that may have the following traits:

  • Flexibility and alternative places to work
  • Multi-department interaction
  • Private spaces to hold meetings and discussions
  • Lounge areas for dining, relaxation, meditation
  • Recreational and office amenities

There are plenty of reports, and studies such as Gensler’s Workplace Index, The Leesman Index, and others that explore the relationship between the physical space and employee performance and retention. The open office is one example of a layout that supports collaboration and creativity, and allows for more natural light, which means healthier and happier employees. Some companies may also opt for workspaces rich with supplementary services such as printing, fitness rooms, or daycares, to aid employees and help with overall productivity so they stay happy and excited about working at your company. This article will cover a few companies with great workspaces that help retain their employees.

Creating an Adaptable Environment

Open floor plans with different types and sizes of workspaces and common areas are much more dynamic than a typical office. SAP, a German-based European multinational software corporation, has mixed office arrangement, complete with open areas, cubicles, a collaborative innovation hub, a co-working cafe, conference rooms, smaller meetings rooms, and areas for presentations. Cisco is a global technology company that maintains a mostly open plan, but also allows any employee to show up to a desk or conference room and have that space adapt to them. As one of the leading companies in technology they can have employees work information and preferences sent to whatever location they are working from. Your workspace should be designed to adapt to your business as it evolves.

Going Natural

Many employees align with companies who hold environmentally-sound buildings and have an eye for the natural in their workspace designSteve Jernigan of Bay Design Associates points out in an article by Lis King how the Escambia County Central Complex in Pensacola holds one of the largest green roof systems in Florida. The landscaped roof is a key feature of the Complex and not only reduces stormwater runoff and provides insulation, but also provides employees with nice areas for outdoor breaks and work styles. They also hold employee-friendly features such as natural light and open floor plans that offer views for 98 percent of the staff.

Focusing on Wellness

Small breaks can help employees from burning out at work. The new LA Headquarters  of California Pizza Kitchen reflects this idea, as they incorporated multi-faceted areas that serve dual purposes, like a serenity room for relaxation and nursing (for pregnant mothers), and a multi-purpose room that can facilitate large meetings or a group yoga session. At Big Spaceship, they follow a few basic ideas to keep work passionate and combat burnout. They believe work and play should be intertwined, and they emphasize the importance of health and wellness in the workplace of not just the individual but the entire team that you’re a part of. One way they add to this is by accepting dogs in their workplace, which is proven to increase happiness and relaxation.

Google is another company that treats its employees well. According to Rappler, Google offers nap pods with “space-age-looking recliners designed to shut out the noise and provide the perfect resting position”, as well as slides for better mobility around the office and volleyball and basketball courts for enjoyment. They see entertainment and recreation as an important part of healthy mental stimulation and support for overall work culture.

As global marketplaces become increasingly competitive, companies have to look at all elements on the spectrum of what makes employees stay. The workspace is a major player in that global review since both employees and employers alike need to be able to take pride in their workspace as a platform for growth and success.

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