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Learn about alternative energy solutions and options including co-generation, solar generation and software-driven energy storage solutions in the Everything CRE Articles of Interest and find ways to make your CRE more sustainable, reduce net costs and increase your ROI.

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by Universal Proptech on January 21, 2021
How Facilities can Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19
by Universal Proptech on January 21, 2021
There is no one-size-fits-all solution to using your HVAC to prevent the spread of Covid-19... Read full article
by Energi Pros on January 19, 2020
Energy Efficient LED Lighting for Parking Lots
by Energi Pros on January 19, 2020
LED parking lot lights require no maintenance, consume significantly less power, and provide better light quality, which makes them a great alternative to HID fixtures.... Read full article
by Craig Clydesdale on August 30, 2019
CRE Getting Off The Grid and Reducing Energy Costs
by Craig Clydesdale on August 30, 2019
The energy supply in Ontario comes from large centralized sources primarily power stations using nuclear, gas and hydro. More recently, renewables like wind energy and solar also feed into the power grid, but these renewable sources are intermit...... Read full article

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