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by Deluxe Modular on August 03, 2020
The History and Future of Modular Construction
by Deluxe Modular on August 03, 2020
Curious about modular building methods? Here's a brief history of modular construction to help you better understand its current rise in popularity.... Read full article
by Bill Gates - gatesnotes on November 01, 2019
Buildings are bad for the climate. Here’s what we can do about it.
by Bill Gates - gatesnotes on November 01, 2019
There are two ways in which buildings are responsible for greenhouse gases. The first is the construction phase: Buildings are made of concrete and steel, both of which produce a lot of emissions when they’re being made.... Read full article
by EllisDon on August 05, 2019
Benefits of Virtual Design and Construction
by EllisDon on August 05, 2019
By improving scalability, streamlining collaboration, and upgrading the customer experience, VR and VDC help construction companies tackle old and new problems to create a more sustainable, profitable buildings, and a safer construction experience.... Read full article
JDA’s goal was to create a physical space that would lay the foundation for clearly demonstrating their dominance in this high-tech space...... Read full article

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