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Angus Systems | CRE Operations Management and Tenant Engagement Solutions

Angus Systems is a leading provider of customer driven mobile and cloud-based work order and operations management solutions for commercial real estate. Our software supports over 2 billion square feet across North America in buildings of all sizes.

iSPAN Systems | Complete Steel Framing Building Solutions

We engineer and manufacture proprietary cold-formed steel framing systems that provide a complete solution for the supply and install of your building superstructure.

BrainBox AI | Commercial HVAC meets Artificial Intelligence

BrainBox AI uses deep learning, cloud-based computing, algorithms and a proprietary process to support a 24/7 self-operating building that requires no human intervention and enables maximum energy efficiency by optimizing a buildings HVAC systems.

Architek | Living Buildings Solutions

Green Roofs, Living Walls, Green Facades & Site Water If you are an architect or design professional, a builder or developer looking to include a living architecture component to your building, the team at Architek SBP Inc. will help you.

Alcon Lighting | LED Lighting and Wireless Controls

With a reputation for the depth and expanse of its energy efficient lighting inventory, Alcon Lighting firmly believes that LED Lighting is the final step in energy efficient lighting solutions and the ideal replacement for all lighting applications.

Armor ASCA Film | Solar Power Film Technology

By ingeniously incorporating ASCA® photovoltaic films into buildings, other constructions (rigid and flexible) and even greenhouses, you can provide your solutions with superior and sustainable innovation.

Epsten Group | Sustainability for the Built Environment

At Epsten Group, we pride ourselves on being a pioneer for sustainability in the built environment. As a multi-disciplinary firm that combines sustainable design, consulting, and commissioning services, collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

Wyse Meter Solutions | Multi-Residential Energy Metering

Wyse is your best partner for smart submetering and utility expense management solutions. We help Canada’s largest building owners, developers and property managers run smarter, boost environmental sustainability and enjoy a superior experience.

Trusscore | Sustainable Building Materials

Trusscore is a material science company focused on developing sustainable building materials including isolation walls for healthcare and offices. We're changing the way people build buildings and the environmental footprint left behind when they do.

Nexii Building Solutions | Sustainable Building Solutions

We design and manufacture high-performance buildings and retrofit products that are cost-efficient, use less energy, and are resilient in the face of climate change. Our products are precision manufactured off-site and rapidly assembled on-site.

CIMCO | Industrial Thermal, Commercial Heating & Cooling Solutions

CIMCO can provide support for energy retrofits working with the Natural Gas and electrical utilities to maximize the grants. CIMCO can set up third party technical reviews to develop business cases for equipment replacement and lifecycle projections.

RAD Technology Medical Systems | Modular Facility Solutions for Healthcare

RAD Technologies Medical Systems, modular facility solutions for the healthcare market include: radiotherapy vaults, clinics, comprehensive cancer centers, medical oncology facilities, sterilization processing facilities and other clinical facilities

Ubiquitous Energy | Solar Windows

Ubiquitous Energy is the world leader in transparent photovoltaics technology. The thin coating can be applied to the surface of window glass to provide effectively make solar windows generating electricity and energy efficiency.

James McNeil | Ottawa Commercial Brokerage and Green Buildings

James McNeil is the Founder and Managing Principal at JJMcNeil Commercial Inc., which provides the full spectrum of commercial real estate advisory services.

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